The COVID-19 Second Wave and The Possibility of Another Lockdown: Prince Ned

The Initiator, Eradication of malaria in Africa Prince Ned Nwoko says there would be second lockdown all things being equal. Hon Ned in statement released today by his Media aide, Adeniyi ifetayo, proposed that there would be second Lockdown not because of Corona virus pandemic but in a bid to fumigate the entire country. The statement read:

“I went to Antarctica to highlight the problem of malaria in Africa so apart from vaccine development, there’s a need to clean up Nigeria, have a recycling plant in every local government in Nigeria which will birth 3millions jobs and fumigate the entire country from Lagos to Bornu so we are working with the government and relevant stakeholders because there will be another lockdown to fumigate Nigeria wholisticaly in order to have a malaria free Nigeria”

The Billionaire Philanthropist and Antarctica explorer, Prince Ned Nwoko make this statement when The Executives of National Association Of Nigeria Students (NANS) lead by its President, Comr. Danielson Bamidele Akpan yesterday paid him a courtesy visit in Abuja. Danielson, in his opening speech on behalf of over 60 million Nigerians students at home and abroad, said

“We have been keen observers of your efforts across the globe, particularly your foundation that’s dealing with malaria eradication project so We are here to appreciate you, Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and this body (NANS) is here to partner with you because what you are doing is a Service to Humanity and that is what is required of a leader to do”.

He stressed further that NANS is glad to have you, a man who has chosen to be a Philanthropist and your malaria project has caught our attention because malaria kills most young people in Nigeria. the leadership of the students union are in supportive of your noble cause, we will work with you to make sure that this project come to fruition. The NANS executive also used the opportunity to invite Prince Ned Nwoko to the 40th anniversary of the Association where the Initiator, Eradication of malaria in Africa, Prince Ned Nwoko would be inducted into the hall of fame and be one of the life Patrons of NANS.

Hon Ned in his Response talked about one Nigeria, fiscal sector and malaria project which can create 3 millions jobs in the first 6 months of implementation. He said “I believe in one Nigeria, I have come to the conclusion that the problem of Nigeria is not just about law and order but its about her economy and if government can focus on fiscal sector like Banks, Insurance companies, mortgage and security exchange commissions things will be easier for average Nigerians”

Governments can compel banks to give grants to graduate and provides students loans at 1% which the students will pay back when they start working. The Initiator of Eradication of Malaria in Africa also stated that Our economy is key to all these problems that we have because Nigeria of today is like the survival of the fittest but just like in UK and USA, if we can focus on the fiscal sector then most of our problems will be solved.